The story of Mécanique François Loiselle begins in 2006 with Francois, alone with his truck and his trailer traveling the businesses of the South Shore of Montreal, working day and night, hard work. In 2008, the company moved into the current garage with a first door as a work area. Some mechanics quickly joined him to learn and work with him. So over the months, it will increase to two doors, three doors or finally take possession of the entire garage as well as offices.

It is therefore with a huge passion for mechanics and service that our family welcomes you to Mécanique François Loiselle. Know that we will do everything in our power to meet your needs.


Mecanique Francois Loiselle will be recognized as one of the largest independent companies in the industry of heavy trucks in mechanics and servicing on the west island of Montreal. Our company will continue its evolution in business and partnerships in order to retain our commitment to our customers within the company.


Being a heavy truck mechanic and maintenance center challenging competitors through personal approach and follow-ups offered to truck fleets as well as independent truck owners. The company is proud of its loyal customer base for years and is committed to offering the same level of service to ensure a personalized experience at the right price and of optimum quality for new partners.


The members of the team work together to ensure the satisfaction of each customer in a complete, fast and efficient service.

To act with integrity, transparency and honesty as well as act with our words and gestures. Respect our capacities and limitations and to treat people with fairness.

To build on sustainable development in ways that respects the work environment. To work with all individuals within the company to use sustainable products that respects the health and security within the workplace.


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