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Mécanique François Loiselle’s following your company in its personnal kind through truck fleet, construction contractor or brooker.


We insure a complete folllowing of each maintenance and service sheet of your trucks. The hard way to manage your maintenance sheet and to planified your service on your fleet generating headache is now over. Stop killing your time and capital on something you don’t want to do and invest on your truck fleet. Just call our customer service and take some information about what can we do for you and start saving on your maintenance cost with an quality and time saver service. Entrust your truck fleet.


You have a heavy construction fleet? Our team have many years of experience on managing construction engine. We are insuring the preventive maintenance and repair on all your fleet. Stop spending time and money on something you hate, we are taking care of it for you. Invest on something you are the best, something that is really making your business going on.


By the very beginning our team are taking care of your livelihood. We are insuring you a quick and quality service to get you back on road as quickly as possible. Whatever is for little or big repair or even some body and performing tuning we’ll be able to answer your demand. Come and visit our customer service team and be presenting to technician.

We also carry out the adjustment and modification of your vehicles like pick-ups and light vehicles. See, when we say complete management, it’s really complete!